Al Aly, MD, FACS

Orange County Plastic Surgeon and Body Contouring Expert

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Al Aly, MD Al Aly, MD

Dr. Al Aly was selected as one of America's Top Doctors® and will be featured in the 12th edition of Castle Connolly's acclaimed guide to the top medical specialists in the nation. 

Dr. Al Aly and one of his patients was recently featured on CBS News about the very large increase in brachioplasty procedures – a 4000+ percent increase since 2000.

Dr. Aly is considered a world authority in the field of body contouring after massive weight loss. He is a Vice-chairman and Professor at the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Institute at the University of California-Irvine Medical School.

He has lectured and/or performed surgical demonstrations in over 25 countries and edited the first and definitive textbook entitled Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss, a work which is considered the “bible” for this type of surgery around the world.

“Bariatric surgery is life-changing,” Dr. Aly says, and "body contouring completes the process for people."

Many of Dr. Aly's patients have been obese most of their lives, and all have been through a lot in their weight loss journey. Dr. Aly takes great pride in helping these men and women. "I am blessed to have the opportunity to find ways to fix problems that affect people at a very basic level," he says. "I have a passion for my work because it is the final step in someone’s transformation."

Although Dr. Aly is best known for his work in body contouring, he has expertise in the entire range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, nose, breast, and body.

“What I do is a combination of artistry and anatomy.”

Every situation is different in the work Dr. Aly performs, yet all operations are complex. Dr. Aly thinks of his role as being a “reconstructor of normal anatomy.” His goal is to create beautiful lines, make sure nothing is out of balance and create an overall look that gives patients self-confidence…often, for the first time.

In a 60 to 90-minute consultation, Dr. Aly explains the mechanics of body contouring after massive weight loss. He establishes trust and connection while encouraging the patient to talk about what is bothering them, so he can understand what they are looking for and help set realistic expectations. “There’s a huge psychological aspect to this kind of work,” he explains, “because the patient who comes to me has already been through so much.”

“I believe in shorter operations, and making sure that the contour we create is as close to the ideal normal as possible.”

Safety is paramount for Dr. Aly. Whether it is a belt lipectomy (removal of extra skin around the mid-section), brachioplasty (upper arm lift), thigh reduction, or an upper body lift (a term he coined), or other surgeries designed to sculpt the body, Dr. Aly solves each challenge with the utmost skill and experience.

View Dr. Aly’s photo gallery and you will see why he is known worldwide for the most elegant results. Dr. Aly has accomplished thousands of transformations like the ones on these pages.  He is also considered one of the major world experts in abdominoplasty, or tummy tucks, as he has lectured and/or performed surgical demonstrations on this procedure all over the world.  

A family man, avid soccer player, traveler and leader in his field.

Dr. Aly is married with two children ages 6 and 9. He loves to travel, reads extensively (mostly about plastic surgery and history) and spends a good deal of time educating other physicians. He is the body contouring section editor for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and associate editor for the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal, two of the most prestigious publications in the plastic surgery field.

He is the editor-in-chief of the Plastic Surgery Educational Network (PSEN), which is designed to be the largest online educational portal for plastic surgeons in the world. He also has received the “Lockwood Award”, the most prestigious award given by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Aly is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Medicine. He completed his surgical training at Vanderbilt University followed by a Facial Plastic Fellowship at the University of California Irvine and a Plastic Surgery Residency at the University of Miami.

Contact the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Institute of Orange County to inquire about a consultation with Dr. Al Aly.


A Patient Story

"Before meeting with Dr. Aly, I understood he had quite a highly regarded reputation for his knowledge and expertise in procedures for patients who had experienced major weight loss (that being myself; I had lost 100 lbs), so I admittedly had higher expectations going in. In short, I was not disappointed!

In my case, I had a Belt Lipectomy procedure. I also need to mention that I do not live in the LA area, so as an out-of-town patient, most of our pre-operative correspondence took place over the phone. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Aly's accessibility, professionalism, humility, warmth, and continual willingness to answer any questions or address any concerns that I might have. He was great!

When I arrived to UCI Medical for the surgery, Dr. Aly was the same person he was on the phone: kind, caring and a great "bedside manner." I felt immediately comfortable after meeting him in person.

The surgery itself was a GREAT success. I can't even begin to share how dramatic the results are in regards to "Before vs. After." ALL of the excess skin I had hanging around my midsection for years had been removed. My abdominal area was flattened, contoured, and even my buttocks were tightened. It was breathtaking the first time I looked in the mirror at my new body. Post-operatively, the care I received from the doctors and nurses at UCI Medical was top notch, and Dr. Aly was right there to answer any questions that I had.

Aside from the amazing transformational results, in my opinion Dr. Aly is a physician who genuinely cares for his patients, and exercises safety in his approach to protect their health and well-being. I personally felt safe and cared for during the whole process.

Today, the contour of my stomach is now flat for the first time in 30 years. I have had to buy new clothes, get compliments from friends about my new look, and look forward to leading a more physically-active life, thanks to this new frame restored to me by Dr. Aly. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking at this procedure and wants to start a new chapter of their life with a new body he can create."