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3 Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you probably have a million questions. How long is the procedure? How much will it cost? When can I get back to work? Here’s what you’ll want to know before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Choosing the Right Implant

Breast augmentation isn’t just about upgrading your breast size; it’s about upgrading your figure as a whole. Your new breasts should fully complement your physical features and look natural, which is why choosing the right breast implant is much more than simply saying that you want to be a ‘C’ cup. This size of the implant is an important starting point, but the shape, texture, and material will also affect which implant is for you. Additionally, the size and shape of your chest, rib cage, and current breast size will all play a part in determining what is right for you. During your personal consultation, your highly experienced UCI surgeon will take all of these factors into account and recommend the appropriate size and shape that will work with your natural contours and look best on your body.

How Do Implants Affect Overall Breast Health?

It’s good to get an idea of how your breast health will be affected by augmentation because implants don’t just impact the size of your bust – your nipples could become more or less sensitive following the procedure. If you plan on becoming pregnant, your ability to breastfeed may change too, although most contemporary augmentation approaches won’t have much effect. Your regular mammogram might be a little more complicated after a breast enhancement too. Depending on the implant’s placement, x-ray images can be obscured, making it more challenging to detect cancer in the breasts. To be on the safe side, the Food and Drug Administration also recommends routine MRI scans every two years for women with silicone implants, starting three years after your initial procedure.

Will I Need to Have an Additional Procedure in the Future?

This is a question that often gets overlooked. While studies show that saline and silicone implants are safe and effective, there are still some risks. Implant rupture is unusual and doesn’t present much of a threat to your overall health, but it could mean that you’ll need a second procedure at some point if that does occur. Your breasts can also change shape due to weight gain or loss, and age and gravity can cause implants to sag over time, just the way that natural breasts do. Pregnancy and breastfeeding could affect their appearance too. Any of these potential issues could require you to have another surgery in order to preserve your ideal look.

Breast Augmentation at UCI Plastic Surgery

If you are interested in enhancing your figure with a breast augmentation, please don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation at UCI Plastic Surgery’s Orange, Costa Mesa, or Tustin locations. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is dedicated to helping Southern Californians find the cosmetic solutions that are right for them.