Calf Implants

Before and After Calf Implants Orange County & Los Angeles

Calf Augmentation

Calf implants in Orange County can help men or women enhance their lower leg contour. Using implants placed on the inner calf or outer calf, a surgeon can enhance the shape of your calves or correct abnormally small lower legs.

For patients in Orange County, the plastic surgery department at UC Irvine can augment the calves using silicone implants that enhance leg contour and overall body proportion.

Reasons to Choose Calf Implant Surgery

Calf implant surgery is performed either for elective purposes or to treat medical conditions or injuries affecting the calves.  If you are bothered by a calf that is disproportionate to your thighs, which does not respond to weight training or exercise, calf implants in Orange County may be right for you.

Some patients choosing calf implants are bodybuilders who desire enhanced leg contour. Other patients have suffered an injury or disease which led to shrinkage of the leg or significant loss of muscle mass.

FAQ About Calf Implants in Orange County

Here we’ve listed some common questions patients ask about calf augmentation surgery in Orange County & Los Angeles. If you have a question, please send an email to our Orange County plastic surgery office.

How do calf implants work?

Before calf augmentation, your surgeon can help you visualize the outcome of calf augmentation by placing the implants inside knee-high stockings.

On the operation day, your leg is shaved and an antibacterial solution is applied. Using a local or general anesthetic, the calf implant surgery in Orange County, CA is then performed, starting with a short incision on the underside of the knee. To make space for the calf implant, a pocket is created above the muscle, and the implant is then secured in place. In reconstructive cases, insertion of the implant may be preceded by tissue expansion procedures.

What happens after calf augmentation?

You should expect about 2 to 3 weeks of downtime after calf implant surgery in Orange County & Los Angeles. The doctor may recommend bed rest and elevation of the legs for approximately 12 hours. A loose wrapping or gauze is applied over the incision site, which remains for about one week. Elastic compression garments are then worn, which may be required for 4 or 5 weeks.

What are the risks of calf implant surgery?

Calf augmentation surgery has risks including complications like hematoma, seroma, edema, changes in sensation, scarring, visible implant and tightening of scar tissue. If you are concerned about risks of calf implant surgery, ask for more information during your surgical consultation.

Why should I choose UC Irvine plastic surgery for my calf augmentation?

The plastic surgeons at UC Irvine have a wide range of experience performing procedures like calf augmentation. Our Orange County cosmetic surgery practice provides an excellent patient experience. Read more about our credentials.

If you’re considering calf implant surgery in Orange County, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the plastic surgery department at UC Irvine. We are located in the city of Orange, and convenient for residents of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Los Angeles. For a consultation, call (949)-999-2411.