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Should You Add Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck?

Have you found that after pregnancy, losing a lot of weight, or just simply aging, you’ve been left with unwelcome excess or loose skin and stretched muscles around the belly area? And have you found that hiding it is not easy? How you long for those sunny days back on the beach in your bikini!...Read More

Get Beach Body Ready with Liposuction

Even if you eat right and exercise regularly, you may still struggle with areas of fat that just won’t budge. This can happen because of genetics, a slowing metabolism, or a lack of an active lifestyle. Even if you exercise after work, it’s hard to fully counteract 8 hours of sitting at a desk. Liposuction...Read More

Is Winter a Good Time to Get Liposuction?

Winter can be a great time to have liposuction in Orange County.  Cooler temperatures, less exposure to UV rays, and plenty of time to recover and hit the gym before summer are a few reasons to consider scheduling your lipo procedure now. While having lipo in the winter provides several benefits, ultimately, the best time...Read More