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UCI Plastic Surgery at ISAPS


UCI Plastic Surgery joined fellow International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) members for the ISAPS 23rd Congress. Held every two years, this week long gathering is a time when ISAPS 3200 plus members can come together to discuss the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the aesthetic plastic surgery field. Hailing from 103 countries, members include some of the best known and respected plastic surgeons.

Dr. Evans lectured on topics including tamoxifen on micro vascular breast reconstruction as well as the use of fat and stem cells in breast reconstruction

We are proud that two of UCI’s own surgeons, Dr. Evans , were invited to attend this years congress. Held in Kyoto, our surgeons happily made the long trip from Southern California to Japan. A unique opportunity to learn from their peers, Dr. Evans joined hundreds of speakers, panelists, moderators, and virtual presenters from around the globe.

Our surgeons are proud to be part of highly-esteemed groups like ISAPS and are always honored when asked to lecture and present at industry conferences. ISAPS is just one of the many conferences that our surgeons attend throughout the year. Follow along with our other engagements! Sign-up for our monthly updates and follow along with us on Facebook.


Dr. Gregory Evans Speaks at Israeli Plastic Surgery Society Meeting

Dr. Gregory Evans Speaks at Israeli Plastic Surgery Society Meeting
In November 2014, Dr. Gregory Evans spoke at the 40th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. While at this meeting, Dr. Evans spoke on several of the many plastic surgery procedures at which he is an expert. Of the topics Dr. Evans discussed was the business of plastic surgery, facelift surgery, stem cells in plastic surgery, and breast augmentation.

To learn more about Dr. Evans and how he performs plastic surgery in Costa Mesa, CA, read Dr. Evans’ bio.

Dr. Greg Evans Speaks at Brazilian Plastic Surgery Conference

Dr. Greg Evans Speaks at Brazilian Plastic Surgery Conference
This month, Dr. Gregory Evans continued sharing his expertise internationally by participating in the 51st Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery in Brazil. As a renowned plastic surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Evans shared his knowledge by speaking on a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures.

Among the topics Dr. Evans discussed was breast reconstruction following skin sparing mastectomies, implant malposition (breast implant revision procedures), breast augmentation, and reduction mammoplasty, or breast reduction.

To learn more about Dr. Evans’ experience and skill in plastic surgery, read his biography and contact us to schedule a consultation with him.