Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Implants and Enhancement

Cheek augmentation uses facial implants under the skin to improve the projection and fullness of the cheeks, helping patients to appear younger and healthier.

Reasons to Choose Cheek Augmentation

Patients who struggle with a gaunt appearance in the midface or have cheeks that appear sunken or underdeveloped are often prime candidates for cheek augmentation. By placing an alloplastic implant beneath the surface of your skin, your cheeks will appear fuller. This can improve how healthy you look and can help you to appear younger and more vivacious.

If you are interested in undergoing cheek augmentation, your plastic surgeon will ask that you be a nonsmoker and otherwise healthy. It is important to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure, as well.

FAQ About Cheek Augmentation

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about cheek augmentation. If you have further questions, please contact UCI Plastic Surgery.

How does it work?

When you undergo cheek augmentation surgery, the procedure should last less than one hour. Depending on your unique needs, your plastic surgeon may either make an inconspicuous incision in your lower eyelid or on the inside of your upper lip. Through this small incision, he will create a pocket for the cheek implant. He will then insert the implant through the incision and place it within your cheek. Once the implant is properly placed, it will be affixed, likely with surgical screws. Your incisions will then be closed with sutures and a medical dressing will be applied.

What happens after surgery?

When you have completed treatment, you will be able to return home, but you may need assistance for a short time. Your plastic surgeon will give you specific aftercare instructions which will include dietary tips. For a period of several days, you may not be able to eat hard foods. You will also need to adhere to a strict oral hygiene routine which will prevent infection of the incision inside your mouth. Any discomfort you experience will be managed with medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon. It is not uncommon to experience post-operative swelling, but this should fade over the next few days.

Why should I choose UCI Plastic Surgery for cheek augmentation?

As highly trained and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons, the team at UCI Plastic Surgery are well-versed in the appearance of the structures of the face. As a result, you can rest assured that when you come to them for cheek augmentation, the surgery will go smoothly, and the implants will give you the beautiful fullness in your cheeks that you desire.

What are the most common risks involved with cheek augmentation?

Risks associated with cheek augmentation are few. They may include swelling, infection or rejection of the implant. If you have questions about side effects, please ask during your consultation.

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