Earlobe Repair

Fixing a Torn or Stretched Earlobe

Patients who have a stretched or torn earlobe may undergo earlobe repair to fix the issue and normalize the appearance of the lobe. The ear may be re-pierced at a later time.

Reasons to Choose Earlobe Repair

Patients who choose earlobe repair are often women who wear large or heavy earrings and have experienced trauma to the earlobe like a tear or have seen their earlobes stretch over time. This surgery corrects these issues and can create a normal-looking, beautiful earlobe in a short procedure time.

Patients interested in earlobe repair should be healthy, nonsmokers who have a desire to maintain a healthy earlobe after repair.

FAQ About Earlobe Repair in Orange County

The plastic surgeons at UCI Plastic Surgery often field questions about earlobe repair. We have provided you with answers to some of the most common questions asked about earlobe repair in Orange County.

How does it work?

The surgery for earlobe repair is relatively quick and is completed in under an hour. Before beginning, your ears will be cleansed and an anesthetic will be applied. To create a normalized earlobe, your plastic surgeon will make small, careful incisions, allowing him to have a clean edge. These new incisions will then be sutured closed and a bandage will be applied.

What happens after surgery?

Following your earlobe repair surgery, you will wear a dressing to protect your incisions from infection for several days. You may experience some discomfort and swelling after your surgery, but these are temporary side effects and will soon dissipate. After two weeks, the sutures can be removed from your earlobes.

Your earlobes may be re-pierced, but your plastic surgeon will recommend that this takes place no sooner than three months following your earlobe repair procedure.

Why should I choose UCI Plastic Surgery for earlobe repair?

The plastic surgery team at UCI Plastic Surgery is highly trained in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, both simple and complex. An earlobe repair surgery performed by them will normalize your earlobes and help you get back to your life in a healthy and efficient manner.

What are the most common risks involved with earlobe repair?

Side effects or risks associated with earlobe repair are quite rare, but may include some scarring from the incision.

To learn more about reconstructing a damaged earlobe with earlobe repair in Southern California, we encourage you to call the plastic surgery team at UCI Plastic Surgery for a consultation. You can reach us at (949)-999-2411 or contact us online.