Facial Reanimation

Surgery for Facial Nerve Paralysis

Facial reanimation surgery restores balance and motion to facial muscles, allowing a close-to-natural range of movement.

Reasons for Facial Reanimation Surgery

Facial expressions play a major role in our ability to communicate with others. Yet many people with facial nerve paralysis, due to injury or illness, have lost the ability to wink, smile or even close their eyes.

Surgery not only improves physical problems caused by paralysis; it helps people overcome negative self-perceptions that arise as a result of the condition. Your physician at UCI Plastic Surgery will discuss the benefits and potential risks based on your individual case, medical history and evaluation.

After Your Surgery

For the first few days, the area may be swollen. Dressings should remain dry and intact. Pain or discomfort can be controlled by medication. Instructions on showering and dressings will be given to you by your physician. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled and questions should be directed to the physician or staff.

You can learn more about facial reanimation procedures by contacting the Orange County plastic surgery office of UCI Plastic Surgery. We are located in the city of Orange, CA.