Non-Surgical Eyelash Enhancement in Costa Mesa


Latisse is a medication you apply at-home that can help you grow lashes that are longer and fuller.

Reasons to Choose Latisse

Latisse is a popular treatment that patients can apply in the comfort of their own home to treat thin or inadequate lash growth.

In clinical trials, 78% of patients who used Latisse as directed experienced a significant improvement in the prominence of their eyelashes. By prolonging the growth phase of your lashes, they are allowed to grow longer and fuller than they would normally.
latisse results

FAQ About Latisse

Latisse is a popular treatment in Costa Mesa and the plastic surgery team at UCI Plastic Surgery has provided answers to some of the most common questions about this treatment.

How does it work?

Latisse is a treatment that is prescribed by your doctor, but that you apply yourself. Each night at bedtime, you will first cleanse your face and eyelids. Using the applicator, you will place a small amount of the Latisse solution across the base of your upper lashes. In order to see results from your treatment, you must do this, as directed, every night.

What happens after treatment?

While you will not see an immediate effect from daily application of Latisse, after eight to twelve weeks, you will begin to see your lashes growing in fuller and longer. After sixteen weeks of using the product as directed, you should see the full benefits of Latisse. In clinical trials, patients saw lashes that were 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker than prior to treatment.

The effects of Latisse should continue as long as you use the product as directed. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will return to their natural growth patterns.

Why should I choose UCI Plastic Surgery for Latisse?

Latisse is a phenomenal treatment for inadequate or thin lashes. Please consult with the plastic surgeons at UCI Plastic Surgery to find out more about the treatment and how they feel it can improve the look and health of your lashes.

What are the most common side effects involved with Latisse?

Side effects from Latisse are usually minimal, but can include itching or redness around the eyes. If you have questions about these possible side effects, please ask your plastic surgeon about them during your consultation.

To learn more about the application of Latisse in Costa Mesa, please contact the plastic surgery team at UCI Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.