Bavani Nadeswaran, MD, MBBS

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine


I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself and share with you some information about me. I feel fortunate to practice Bariatric Medicine, as a member of the Comprehensive Obesity Medicine Program, and to be part of this great team of physicians and medical staff dedicated to providing excellent patient care.

Obesity is a complex disease, affecting millions of Americans. As an ABOM certified physIcian, I am equipped to work with individuals affected by the disease and recognize that there’s no “one- size-fits-all”  approach to treating this complicated disease. I addition, I bring personal interest, enthusiasm and geniuine concern for my patients .

We utilize a comprehensive approach, and work closely with an outstanding Registered Dietician trained in Weight Management, Physical Therapists, Bariatric surgeons, and Weight Contouring Plastic Surgeons to achieve optimal results. We use FDA-approved medications for the treatment of Obesity and help manage obesity-related Co-Morbidities in collaboration with your Primary Care Providers. The program includes – optional evidence-based protein-rich Meal Replacements, as well.