Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Institute, UC Irvine

The following quotes come directly from many of our valued patients who have chosen to remain anonymous. We respect their desire for privacy and we thank them for allowing us to share their thoughts with you.



"I have been a patient at UCI for over 13 yrs. All my doctors are there. I have had some of the best care with most all the drs I have seen. I would not change from UCI. I have been hospitalized many times and most all times the nurses have been great. I have no complaints about UCI. At all. I've been lucky to have had such exceptional health care."

"The doctor was great. Very kind and understanding. Would send other people to him."

"Very respectful & courteous staff."

"Excellent doctor! Highly, highly, recommend ASSET TO UCI!!"

"Awesome job! Really caring and very helpful to understand what he will be doing to make it better."

"Very focused on me during my visit. Very attentive to my questions."

"The provider is a very good doctor."

"Very good with friendly staff."

"The doctor was very nice and took his time to explain about my surgery. And kept track of my leg that had a large mass in it. Did good job of sewing me up. And caring about me afterwards should have more doctor like this one is."

"I was very pleased with the care I received from hospital staff, and doctors while I was in UCI Hospital (Orange CA). When I had a need, I got quick response from the staff. Doctors regularly visited me to make sure I was recovering well."

"Best doctor for breast reconstruction after cancer."

“Every person I have had dealings with in this office has been wonderful. They are extremely courteous,
helpful and professional!”

“Excellent results - plastic surgery.”

“I had breast cancer - chemo - reconstruction. These doctors, who performed my surgery, care the best in every way. They made the whole experience a joy. I love them as brothers yet I respect their God given gifts as a blessing. Thank you so much UCI for taking great care of me during surgery and cancer.”

“Excellent post-operative care as well as the surgery itself!!”

“I have had 6 surgeries with UCI Plastics since December 2011 and have always been respected and treated with top of the line care. I refer all those I come in contact with that need reconstruction after bi-lateral or single mastectomies. I believe the residents and attending physicians along with the entire staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy. Thank you for such an amazing team.”

"Great doctor and great supporting staffs. One of the best!!!"


Reviews for Dr. Greg Evans

"Dr. Evans is always so friendly and has a warm personality."

"Dr. Evans performed plastic surgery to open my eyelids better and _____ my eyebrows. I am very pleased with the results. He has been very professional and concerned with my results and I feel very lucky to have found him. Very well skilled & qualified plastic surgeon."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Evans since he came to UCI. I had previously been treated by other physicians for problems caused by an allergy from collagen injections. My face was deformed but no one was able to help me until I became a patient of Dr. Evans. It took several surgeries and today no one would know I had a problem. Since that time, I have gone to Dr. Evans for multiple plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Evans is an outstanding physician. He has excellent skills and is a caring individual."

"Dr. Evans and his staff are the epitome of professionalism. They are kind, compassionate and accommodating. Even on Christmas Eve the office took my call and Dr. Kohan met me in the ER, discussed my care with Dr. Evans and provided me with exceptional medical care. One further note: I truly appreciate Dr. Evans respect for me by providing his care to me by looking me in my eyes. I am truly blessed to have Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery as my doctors."

"Our experience with Dr. Evans was very positive. He is compassionate and caring with his patients and clearly explains each procedure."

"Dr. Evans and his staff have provided plastic surgery information during consultations, before and after, surgeries. I have been a patient for almost 15 yrs., and I have never been disappointed in the outcomes of my surgeries."

"Dr. Evans excels whatever standard he is expected to meet. He is an exceptional plastic surgeon, and a caring medical provider."


Reviews for Dr. Daniel Jaffurs

"Dr. Jaffurs is an excellent physician that is knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. His staff is wonderful as well. We have had a fantastic experience being a patient of his."

"My experience at UCI Healthcare was amazing. Dr. Jaffurs and his staff took great care of me. And when others ask me I am very proud to say UCI Healthcare has been taking good care of me. Everything was great food, friendly staff and more. Thank you so much."

“Dr. Jaffurs and everyone at his office are all very helpful. Additionally, he helps make a stressful surgery experience less worrisome. I would recommend him to anyone that requires similar treatments.”

“Dr. Jaffurs and his colleagues, staff, and anyone who assists him should be THE standard and teaching example to all healthcare employees and administrators. I was treated with respect, dignity and humanity. He is 100% dedicated to the patient and doing the best service to each one.”

Reviews for Dr. Garrett Wirth

"I highly recommend Dr. Garrett Wirth. He is a remarkable plastic surgeon and probably the best-kept secret in the OC."

"I recently had a "mommy makeover" performed by Dr. Wirth and his partner, Dr. Paydar. After having two 9lb+ babies via two C-sections, my body needed a bit of a tune-up."

"Dr. Wirth exceeded my expectations and just as he promised, the results are "spectacular"!"

"As a savvy businesswoman, I did my research and selected an amazing plastic surgeon that always brings his "A" game. For those of you still searching, here are some reasons why I believe you should choose Dr. Wirth as your plastic surgeon."

"From a medical and academic perspective, Dr. Wirth is the gold standard for plastic surgeons. He has outstanding credentials and 5 star patient reviews on numerous websites. His staff is very professional and caring."

"Dr. Wirth's skills are so revered that he teaches future plastic surgeons how to perform the techniques he has mastered. His affiliation with UCI means that he doesn't have to find new patients every month to pay for the overhead of a fancy Newport Beach office. This benefit also allows him more time to monitor your recovery."

"Dr. Wirth is a perfectionist who has eye for beauty and can create a detailed work of art like a master sculptor."

"But hands down, the real reason you should select Dr. Wirth as your plastic surgeon is.......Dr. Wirth himself!"

"He is the most likeable, professional, kind and caring physician you will ever meet. Dr. Wirth is an excellent communicator who always has time to listen to his patients. He is realistic about expectations and is serious about patient safety. You can trust him completely."

"Finally, Dr. Wirth obviously loves his job-he always seems to have a smile on his face and a contagiously positive attitude. His encouragement will help you realize that the few weeks of post-op pain are completely worth the gain. p.s. Your husband or significant other will also be thrilled with Dr. Wirth's work☺"

"Dr. Wirth is the best."

"I saw Dr. Wirth w/o an appointment on a referral from another doctor - They called Dr. Wirth's office and I went right over - He made room for me in his very busy appt. schedule - He has always been very HELPFUL and patient."

"Dr. Wirth and his team have been very attentive. He answered all of my questions in detail."

"I am an RN with a master of science degree and have had the opportunity to work with many physicians throughout my career. I found Dr. Wirth to be exceptional in his sensitivity and willingness to spend time listening and explaining at my level of understanding."

"I feel blessed to have been under Dr. Wirth's care. I had a horrible post op infection and lost all of the tissue and part of the muscle under my newly reconstructed breast (after mastectomy) - - literally had a 4x7 in area with ribs covered by a very thin muscle and skin. He has slowly but surely over the past 2 1/2 ys. reconstructed my left breast... it’s not perfect (yet) but I'm still amazed what he's been able to create out of nothing."

"Due to unusually aggressive squamous cell carcinoma, I received radiation treatment on my left leg that left a 6 cm diameter wound with bone exposed. After multiple surgeries and hyperbaric treatment, the wound still would not heal. Only Dr. Wirth was willing to perform this complicated free flap surgery to save my leg. The surgery was successful. The outcome has been amazing for me."

"I saw Dr. Wirth for a consultation re: some plastic surgery. Dr. Wirth was very informative, explained things to me clearly & in a way I understood. I felt very comfortable with him & because of this decided to go with him for my procedure."

"I find Dr. Wirth to be very sensitive to my concerns and discomfort. My profession is nursing and I have a MSN degree and have had a great deal of experience with physicians; I consider Dr. Wirth one of the best!!!"

 “I am a breast cancer reconstruction patient & after 2 years after the mastectomy, I am still feeling & looking wonderful! Dr. Wirth put me all back together better than before the cancer! I feel so good about myself with no cancer & I adore him LaVonne, Jennifer & UC Irvine more than you can imagine. I recommend UCI to anyone & everyone I come in contact with who needs it. Both for cancer & for just plastic surgery because if he can remake me after a double mastectomy as well as he did, can you imagine what he could do with a normal person. I love UCI totally! Thank you guys for everything.”

“Dr. Wirth is the most caring and compassionate physician I have ever received care from in all of my adult life.”

"Dr. Wirth and his staff, especially Joanna & LaVonne, are wonderful and caring. Dr. Wirth is a gifted surgeon who is very interested in each patient. Happy to give the highest recommendation to Dr. Wirth."

"I have nothing to say except Dr. Wirth is an excellent doctor and I recommend him highly to all my friends. In addition his staff is wonderful, helpful, professional and comforting."

Reviews for Dr. Keyian Paydar

“Dr. Paydar and his whole office are wonderful! Everyone from the front desk to the nurse to the doctor are all fabulous. I had scar revision surgery on my ear lobes and Dr. Paydar, Dr. Lawrence and nurse Wendy were so nice! We talked and chatted the whole surgery. I had a GREAT time every time I went to see them. Absolutely outstanding service and providers. I could not be more pleased! A+ excellent!”

“Not only do I recommend UCI Plastics to friends & family and other breast cancer survivors, I will remain a patient always and as my insurance will change in January, I confirmed they would be in network. Dr. Paydar and the residents and staff have treated myself and family with respect, hope & encouragement. It shows that Dr. Paydar truly enjoys his job. I’m Very pleased with my experience w/Dr. Paydar. Easy to talk about my operation not to mention how happy I am how good his work/skills are. Thank you Dr. Paydar.”

“I have received amazing care from Dr. Paydar for reconstruction surgery after a bi-lateral mastectomy. Because I have Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Paydar knew I had concerns with the surgery and recovery. He was very sensitive and helpful even going so far as to talk with my neurologist before my surgery. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. “

“Dr. Paydar is the best!”

“I had the best possible experience for an elective procedure at UCI. Every single person I came into contact with was awesome and Dr. Paydar was amazing, thorough and attentive. Thank you!”

“I have complete confidence in Dr. Paydar. He explained what I needed to know about my upcoming hernia surgery.”

“Dr. Paydar has provided excellent care.”

"Dr. Paydar is the best I can't tell you how much he has helped me with my medical. He and Dr. Dash are a great team. The best two doctors I have ever had. Love them both. A big thank you to both of them."

 "Dr. Paydar is courteous for every visit along with his staff. I am very happy with the results from my surgery."

 "The purpose of my visit to Dr. Paydar's office was interest in a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Paydar spent the necessary amount of time to to hear what I wanted to accomplish by the procedure and then explained to me how he would approach the surgery. Ever since the visit, he has kept in touch via e-mail to send me before/after photos of his patients and answer my questions. He has done an excellent job at relieving my worries about the procedure and this earned my trust. I am pleased and surprised that a young surgeon has accumulated so much skills, both medical and behavioral/social, to address both the medical concerns and also the emotional ones that are common with cosmetic procedures."

 "Dr. Paydar, Dr. Wirth, Miguel, LaVonne, Jennifer and the rest of the staff in the office are ALL wonderful. They treat me with courtesy and respect the moment I walk into the office. They take their time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Paydar and Dr. Wirth. They work magic with their surgical hands!"

 "I enjoy my visits. Dr. Paydar is kind, has good bedside manner, takes good time with me in explaining my questions thoroughly."

 "This all started 1-11 with Dr. Abolhoda for open heart surgery. 5 surgeries later I am still here and Dr. Paydar is the best along with Dr. Abolhoda and their staff. Compassionate, kind and supportive."

"Dr. Paydar – one of the best doctors in UCI Med Center."

"Dr. Paydar is hands-down an exceptional surgeon."  

Reviews for Dr. Mark Kobayashi

"Dr. Kobayashi is an exemplary surgeon and human being! Everything about my experience was positive! He answered all of my questions and explained my surgery thoroughly. My after-care has also been fantastic."

"Dr. Kobayashi has a wonderful bedside manner. He is a phenomenal surgeon who is loved by his patients and admired and respected by his peers. I would give Dr. Kobayashi my very highest recommendation."

"Dr. Kobayashi and his staff are remarkable. They are compassionate caring and inspire me to be the best I can be and hopefully be a good role model making the best of each opportunity. Dr. Kobayashi and his team through science and medicine have given me a new healthy look and outlook for my life. His attitude along with his team help me have a positive attitude. Dr. Kobayashi is concerned with the total me not just how I look. My prayer each day is to somehow glorify God in my actions and words. God used Dr. Kobayashi to heal and sculpt my body - I thank God for using Dr. Kobayashi to keep my life on right path - I will keep my body healthy and give Dr. Kobayashi credit for the handy work. I praise God and thank Dr. Kobayashi."

"Dr. Kobayashi and his staff are very professional, compassionate and very caring. I am glad to be under Dr. Kobayashi's care."

"Dr. Kobayashi has been so great to our nine year old."

"Dr. Kobayashi is direct when he talks to me about the next operation. He tells me what, why and how things might affect me. He is concerned that he doesn't do the surgery until the Bell's Palsy is cleared up and my face has most of the nerves working properly. I like that he doesn't want to rush my healing."

"Dr. Kobayashi is the sweetest, most sociable doctor ever. Can't help to warm up and be comfortable in his presence."

"I have been seeing Dr. Kobayashi since 2007 - He is extremely talented and his personality is upbeat, caring and full of joy. Not only is he an incredible doctor and person, he creates a healing connection between the patient and himself."

“Dr. Kobayashi is the most wonderful man. He's kind, caring, compassionate & very patient. He takes all the time you need & answers every question. I've already recommended him to other people.”

“Dr. Kobayashi is always positive and encouraging. I look forward to every visit in his office. Thank you for having such a wonderful doctor on staff at UCI. “

“Overall wonderful experience with office staff and Dr. Kobayashi. “

“I was totally impressed with Dr. Kobayashi and his staff. They all displayed professionalism and he was very compassionate about my concerns and knowledgeable regarding the medical issues involved. I highly recommend him. “

“I live in South Orange County where I have received my medical care. However, upon coming to Drs. Lane and Kobayashi in second opinion it was clear to me that a perfect fit was in these doctors and my expectations have been surpassed. Thank you. “

“Dr. Mark R. Kobayashi is one of the most professional & nicest doctors I have ever had.”

“I cannot praise Dr. Kobayashi enough! His skill, expertise, caring attitude & contact are unsurpassed. The only disappointment I have is there are not more doctors like him. Staff & Dr. Kobayashi has been great. He's very smiley and happy and fair person. He really cared about what was important to me. He's my hero to fix my breast to the way I want. Thank you Dr. Kobayashi. “

“Dr. Kobayashi is the best surgeon ever. He's great at what he does plus very friendly & caring.”



To: Dr. Garrett Wirth and staff, and Dr. Krishmansui Tewari and staff

It is rather amazing, this life's journey -- especially when you become a retiree and have more time to deal with new issues that are generally not the ones a person chooses. Joan's issues began back in 2008. Lost of weight to seventy-five pounds, required some dates to see Dr. Bouch, and the medical journey began. Examinations, x-rays, MRIs, surgeries, the entire span things were getting better -- when we were told one more.

This new surgery is difficult and requires a score of a medical team of surgeons, assistants, nurses and aides at UCI Medical Center in Orange, but don't be afraid. The team is the best that you could find anywhere -- all very knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to share. Their expertise in the very best of medical care, and they will all be involved while you are there. Joan has now survived and is feeling like new. It seems difficult to believe, but it is absolutely true.

So it's time to recognize those who made it all happen, beginning with Dr. Kirshmansui Tewari, outstanding surgeon, and Dr. Garrett Wirth, also an outstanding plastic surgeon. Both with exceptional skills and talent, nothing put on. From the first time we met them it was too good to be true. Their commitment to professional excellent was totally in view, along with warmth and compassion. They focused on you so everything worked out as stated and that was true.

They function as a team with assisting doctors, nurses, and aides, all skilled and talented and considered to be top grade. Each one showing kindness, compassionate, and caring. Each one doing their part of the operation they were sharing.

A new challenge has arisen. We've dealt with many in the past and Joan is prepared to deal with this one like any other task. Grateful to those who possess the skills and compassion whose commitment to resolving medical issues is their mission.

Life is a journey with a variety of adventures along the way, each filled with gratitude, faith, hope, and moments to pray.

With gratitude and appreciation to the whole team,

Joan T. Lindsey and Mel E. Lindsey