Spider veins are a small network of veins that appear superficially as blue, purple or red. They are usually seen on the legs and can resemble a bruise. Treatment for spider veins includes injecting a medication (known as sclerosant) directly into the veins with a small-sized needle.

This treatment is called sclerotherapy and the solution works by irritating the vein wall lining and collapsing the vein. Veins are seen to disappear or ‘collapse’ during the procedure. A common misconception is that treating superficial veins will be detrimental to healthy physiological functioning.

However, surface veins essentially serve no biological purpose—they are not needed for the circulation of blood to the legs. Therefore, when they are treated, normal vein circulation remains unaffected, so you can eliminate spider veins without worry!

Our plastic surgeons and nurse practitioner use FDA-approved solution, Asclera®, which provides a safe and effective, permanent solution for spider vein treatment.  The treatment usually takes about 30-45 minutes without downtime and you are able to return to normal daily activities.

Compression stockings are recommended to be worn continuously for 1 week after the procedure for best results. This will help the compress the collapsed vein and prevent it from refilling with blood. Some patients will require another session for long-lasting results.

During your consultation, the provider will evaluate your vein condition from both a medical and an aesthetic standpoint in order to offer you the best treatment plan with long-term satisfaction.