Skin Cancer

Surgery to Remove Cancerous Lesions

Skin cancer is all too common in Southern California. Cancerous lesions may appear anywhere on the body that has been regularly exposed to UV rays, especially the face and neck. A plastic surgeon at UCI Plastic Surgery can surgically remove the skin cancer lesions with minimal scarring.

Reasons for Skin Cancer Removal

There are two main types of skin cancer that are surgically removed:

  • Basal cell carcinomas
  • Squamous cell carcinomas
  • Melanomas

Malignant melanomas are another, more serious type of skin cancer, which require a different treatment plan. During skin cancer removal, your plastic surgeon will carefully remove the basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma lesion. Excision and wound care techniques are employed to minimize and conceal scarring.

FAQ About Skin Cancer Surgery in Orange County

The following are some common questions and answers about surgical removal of skin cancer. For additional information, please contact the Orange County plastic surgery offices of UCI Plastic Surgery.

Who is at risk for contracting skin cancers?

Women and men of all ages can contract skin cancer. The risk is greater for people with fair skin, light hair and blue eyes. The cause of all skin cancers is sun exposure.

How do plastic surgeons remove skin cancer?

The plastic surgeon performs a careful incision to remove (or excise) the cancerous tissue. The procedure typically requires a local anesthetic to control discomfort.

How are skin cancers identified?

A physician identifies suspicious lesions and a biopsy can confirm if the growth or lesion is skin cancer. See a physician if you have noticed a new or suspicious change on your skin.

How do I prevent skin cancer?

Avoid sun exposure and use sun protection products. Sunscreen, hats and protective clothing can help protect your skin, so use them–even when you are exposed to limited sunlight.

For more information about skin cancer surgery in Orange County, please contact UCI Plastic Surgery today. Our Southern California plastic surgery office is located in the city of Orange, just a short drive for residents of L.A., Anaheim, Santa Ana and Garden Grove.