TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction

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TRAM flap (Transverse Rectus Myocutaneous Flap) breast reconstruction uses tissues from the lower abdomen to recreate one or both breasts after mastectomy. This procedure is one among many options available at UCI Plastic Surgery for breast reconstruction. It can help women restore the feminine curves of their upper body.

Reason to Choose TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction

TRAM flap breast reconstruction is a common technique, which is suitable for patients who:

  • Have undergone a mastectomy
  • Do not wish to undergo reconstruction with implants or tissue expanders
  • Are not candidates for free flap breast reconstruction

Those who have had previous abdominal surgery may not be good candidates, nor those who have insufficient tissue in the abdomen. Other factors like diabetes, obesity, and history of smoking can also affect a patient’s suitability for TRAM flap breast reconstruction.

FAQ About TRAM Flap in Orange County

Here we’ve listed some common questions about TRAM flap breast reconstruction at UCI Plastic Surgery. Please call or email our plastic surgery offices in Orange County if you would like more information.

How does the TRAM flap procedure work?

TRAM flap breast reconstruction is performed with general anesthesia. Surgery requires about two to three hours to perform. If performed immediately after mastectomy, the entire operation requires about four to five hours. Skin, muscle and fat tissues are transferred from the donor site on the abdomen to the chest wall. The donor site’s blood supply, which remains intact, is tunneled under the skin to the chest. The tissues are shaped to form a new breast mound.

What is recovery like after TRAM flap breast reconstruction?

TRAM flap breast reconstruction often requires a hospital stay that lasts a few days to one week. When you return home, you will have specific instructions for aftercare. The doctor will advise you to rest for at least one to two weeks and take pain medication as prescribed. Plan to have a friend or family member available to help and transport you during your recovery.

Are additional procedures required?

Recovery is complete within about two months, and additional revision procedures and surgeries are scheduled. These may include minor adjustments and techniques like nipple/areola reconstruction, which improve aesthetic results and help create a more natural appearance.

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