Wendy K. Y. Ng, MD

Dr. Wendy K. Y. Ng is a board-certified plastic surgeon with broad-based training in plastic surgery procedures of the face, breasts, hands and body, approaching each with skill and artistry. Having traveled the world and worked in international medical facilities such as a high volume center in Vienna, Dr. Ng brings a world view to her profession and a deep understanding of people from all cultures.

“I think my background in art and painting allows me look at something and see its potential; to create beauty and function where it once was compromised.”

Dr. Ng’s ultimate goal is to provide her patients with the best options for restoring form, function and beauty.

“Building a genuine rapport with each patient before surgery is my greatest initial priority. I take time to understand what a patient is really worried about so I can address his or her concerns.”

Dr. Ng realizes that most patients are apprehensive the first time they meet her, so she gives them as much information as possible. She quickly puts them at ease by explaining the whole process, the timing, what the procedure entails and what recovery will look like.

“My favorite aspect of the field of plastic surgery is that it is so versatile. Plastic surgeons operate on every part of the body, from the top of the scalp and all the way down to the fingertips and toes. We work on individuals at every stage of life, from newborn babies to elderly patients. Our work is often what the patient and the public sees, so it is always critical to truly listen to my patients in order to address his or her particular concerns. Hiding scars in natural creases, optimizing wound healing, and minimizing signs of any surgical or non-surgical interventions are skills that I take pride in.”

Dr. Ng believes that for many procedures, patients can alternatively undergo sedation, or that regional blocks can be used after consultation with an anesthesiologist, particularly if patients are interested in a minimally invasive approach. “Sometimes it is necessary for a patient to go under, but often it is not. I always do what is in the very best interest and safety of each patient while strongly valuing each patient’s personal preference in all aspects of my caring for them.”

“I believe in providing thorough follow-up care. Whether a patient needs just one post-op visit or several, I make sure my patients receive all the visits and care they need to be satisfied with their results. I think of myself as their partner in healing.”

With delicate surgery comes a period of recovery. Dr. Ng meets with the patient often to check results, set up physical therapy as needed, and to make sure any discomfort is resolved. She believes that caring for her patients’ emotions and being there for them is just as important as the physical outcome.


Fellowship, Hand and Upper Extremity and Microsurgery, University of Arizona College of Medicine and The Center for Orthopedic Research and Education, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Plastic Surgery Residency Program, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Doctor of Medicine, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

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