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Losing a large amount of weight comes with several health and lifestyle benefits. Whether you have achieved your new size through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, you will likely live a healthier and happier life. Unfortunately, losing a lot of body mass quickly often also has a bit of a downside – the excess skin that is left draping over various parts of the body. After massive weight loss, men and women are often too preoccupied with worrying about the leftover skin to enjoy the benefits of their slimmer size. With body contouring after massive weight loss surgery at UCI Plastic Surgery, patients can get the smooth, toned skin to match their new figures.

A Problem with Excess Skin

As your body puts on ample amounts of fat, your skin is forced to stretch beyond its normal size to accommodate a larger figure. This stretching of the skin over time leads to a loss of elasticity. Therefore even once the fat is lost, many times the skin hangs off areas such as the abdomen, back or arms rather than tightening back up.

Issues with excess skin cannot be corrected with diet or exercise. Skin tightening surgery is needed for re-contouring of the body’s new shape.

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Body Contouring Procedures

Each patient will need a different combination of body contouring procedures for their surgery. When you come in for your consultation with one of our Costa Mesa plastic surgeons, we will analyze your body and listen to your expectations in order to determine which areas need to be treated. This will help us to identify procedures that will be needed as a part of your body contouring after massive weight loss surgery.

Body contouring can target sagging flaps of excess skin and tissue in the following areas:

In order to effectively treat your problem areas, we will develop a combination of body contouring surgeries that will work to provide you with your desired shape. You may choose to have your procedures performed in a single surgery or spread over several months.

Each individual procedure will be targeted toward repairing the underlying muscles and tissues in the area while removing excess skin. You should already be at a stable weight, but liposuction can be used if necessary.

Body Contouring Recovery

Because this is such an individualized procedure, surgery and recovery times will vary greatly. This will depend on which parts of your body are being treated, whether you will need liposuction, and if your surgery will be performed as a single procedure or spread out.

It will take some time for your skin to heal, and it may appear bruised and swollen in the beginning. However, you will almost instantly notice a much tighter figure. As you continue to heal, your body will begin looking more toned and firm. It won’t be long until you are ready to make the drive to Huntington Beach or Newport Beach and confidently show off your new body in a bathing suit or pair of swim trunks.

Southern California Body Contouring

Enjoy your slimmed down figure without the embarrassing excess skin. For more information about the body lift, give us a call to schedule your consultation. We are currently serving Los Angeles, Orange, Tustin and Costa Mesa locations.

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