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Facial Enhancement In Orange County

Facial implants are inserted beneath the surface of the skin to add projection and fullness to areas of the face that may appear gaunt or underdeveloped.

Reasons to Choose Facial Implants

Facial implants can be used on a few areas of the face to restore a normalized appearance when facial features lack projection or appear underdeveloped. The most common placements for facial implants include:

  • Chin
  • Cheeks
  • Jaw
  • Lips

Though some patients may choose injectable fillers for facial contouring, facial implants are a long-term solution. In order to undergo a facial implant procedure, you should be a healthy, nonsmoker and have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. You should also be aware that longer recovery time is necessary after facial implants than with injectable fillers. Patients who desire a more permanent change, however, gladly accept this as a trade-off.

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If you are interested in improving your facial harmony with facial implants, give us a call to schedule your consultation. We are currently serving Los Angeles and Orange County. We have offices in Orange, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Newport, and Yorba Linda, CA.

FAQ About Facial Implants

The surgical team at UCI Plastic Surgery often fields questions about the range of facial implants they offer. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

For each type of facial implant, your surgeon will make a small incision in an inconspicuous place on your face or inside your mouth—any scarring will not be noticeable.

In the case of a chin implant, the incision is made either below the chin or on the inside of the lower lip. The implant is then inserted and fixed into place with surgical screws.

Jaw implants are often inserted through a small incision on the inside of the mouth. Once in place, the implant is secured with surgical screws.

The incision for cheek implants can be made inside the mouth or in the lower eyelid, depending on your facial structure and needs. It will then be fixed into place using surgical screws.

In the case of a lip implant, a small incision will be made on the inside of your lip. Given the mobility of your mouth and lips, this implant will not be fixed in place with screws.

After the facial implant has been inserted and placed, your incisions will be closed with sutures and a dressing will be applied.

Following your facial implant surgery, it is not uncommon to experience some swelling and discomfort. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to manage discomfort. For many facial implants, you will need to keep your head elevated for several days and may need to adhere to a soft diet for a time. Strict oral hygiene may also be key to avoiding possible infection.

In the case of facial implants, it is imperative that your plastic surgeon is well-versed in how the face is structured. The team at UCI Plastic Surgery is comprised of experienced reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons who understand the workings of the face and how to promote healthy, beautiful structure.

Risks associated with facial implants are uncommon but may include infection and implant malposition. If you have questions about any of these possibilities, please consult with your plastic surgeon at UCI Plastic Surgery.

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