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Eyelid and Brow Lift at UCI Plastic Surgery

Your eyes are the central focus of your face. When they look bright and alert, they make you look young and healthy. When they look droopy, puffy, or baggy, they give you an old, tired appearance — as if you have little energy or enthusiasm. If the skin on your brows and eyelids has stretched and sagged, the droopy look of your eyes can make you look older than you are — certainly older than you feel inside. Sagging brows and eyelids can make you look tired even when you’re well-rested and fully engaged. If your eyelids and brows droop far enough, they can even interfere with your vision.

Eyelid and brow lift surgeries correct this mismatch between your appearance and how you want to project yourself. Each procedure, in slightly different ways, gives your face a younger, brighter, more attractive look. Eyelid surgery lifts sagging eyelids and removes puffy fat deposits. A brow lift raises drooping eyebrows, which can lift the upper eyelids, and also smooths forehead lines.

Eyelid and brow lift surgery are separate procedures, but you can choose to combine them for a comprehensive refreshment of your eyes and upper face.

To learn more about eyelid or brow lift surgery and our uniquely qualified cosmetic surgeons, contact UCI Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation at one of our five locations in Orange, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Yorba Linda and Newport Beach, CA.

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What Is an Eyelid Lift?

Eyelid surgery, known medically as blepharoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelids.

As we age, our eyelids can begin to droop due to a breakdown of collagen and skin elasticity. This sagging is a natural effect of gravity and aging, and sun damage or genetics can hasten the process. When the upper eyelids sag in this way, the effect can make you look sleepy. Drooping eyelids can also narrow your field of vision. Puffiness below the eyes is a result of loosening skin and the gradual buildup of excess fat.

An eyelid lift, or eyelid surgery, reverses this aging process by tightening and lifting the skin of the eyelids. Your surgeon may remove bulges of fat in the upper eyelids to make them thinner, lighter, and easier to open fully. It’s possible to correct undereye bags with lower eyelid surgery by tightening loose skin and extracting fat deposits.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that raises the line of the eyebrows and smooths creases in the forehead. In some cases, lifting the brows may be the only step necessary to correct drooping upper eyelids, as sagging brows can push the skin of the eyelids down. You can get a sense of this relationship between sagging brows and droopy eyelids by using your fingers to gently lift your brows to an attractive position while looking in the mirror. To see the effect on forehead lines, press the skin at the top of your forehead upward.

A brow lift makes your face look younger and gives you a more alert and open expression. The procedure can also enhance the natural arch of the eyebrows, which can be an attractive improvement in women.

Our surgeons at UCI Plastic Surgery, as part of your consultation, will explain which of the two procedures — a brow lift or eyelid surgery — will make the most significant improvement in your appearance. You may benefit from a combination of both procedures.

Why Might I Consider Eyelid or Brow Lift Surgery?

If you’re worried about the sagging or droopy appearance of your eyelids or eyebrows or lines in your forehead, and have concerns that they make you look older and more tired than you feel, eyelid surgery or a brow lift might be the change you’re seeking. Either procedure, or a combination of the two, can give you a younger, fresher, more attractive appearance.

An eyelid lift can:

  • Correct droopy eyelids, allowing you to open your eyes more fully.
  • Change the “at-rest” position of your eyelids to give you a more alert and engaged expression.
  • Thin and lighten heavy upper eyelids.
  • Eliminate permanent bags under the eyes.
  • Improve your vision by lifting droopy eyelids that block a portion of your field of view.

A brow lift can:

  • Raise the position of sagging eyebrows to make you look younger and more alert and engaged.
  • Smooth horizontal lines and creases in the forehead and vertical frown lines between the eyebrows, making you look happier and more relaxed.
  • Lift sagging skin out of your field of view to improve your vision.

What Happens in the Procedure?

Our surgeons perform your procedure while you’re under general anesthesia.

For eyelid surgery, your plastic surgeon makes tiny incisions along the natural folds of your eyelids to conceal future scarring. They remove excess skin, fat, and tissue to elevate the eyelids and eliminate puffiness around the eyes. If the upper eyelid is heavy with excess fat, they remove some of the fat to lighten the lid and improve its appearance.

In a brow lift, your surgeon will make an incision in a headphone-like pattern along the hairline. They tighten and repair loose, weakened underlying muscles to create a solid contour for your brow. Then, they pull the skin upward to achieve a smooth appearance, and remove any excess before closing your incisions.

Once your surgeon has closed the incisions are closed, we will place any needed bandages to help ensure proper healing.

After the surgery is complete, you will spend time in a recovery room until the anesthesia has worn off. You are then able to go home, with someone to drive you.

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What Can I Expect in Recovery?

After eyelid surgery, the area around your eyes may initially feel a bit tight and tender. This side effect is nothing to worry about, and any discomfort usually disappears in a day or two. We can provide you with a pain reliever for this first part of your recovery. You may experience some bruising and swelling, which may take a week or two to fade. Once the sutures come out and the incisions have fully healed, you can hide any remaining discoloration with makeup.

After a brow lift, you may also experience some initial discomfort and some bruising and swelling, which usually disappears after a week or two.

After either procedure, we recommend that you stay home and rest for a week to 10 days before returning to work. As you continue to heal and any residual swelling gradually disappears, your eyes will appear brighter, your brows more alert, and your mid- and upper face younger, depending on the procedure you have.

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Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how an eyelid or brow lift can make you look younger and less tired. We serve the Los Angeles area with offices in Orange, Costa MesaTustin, Yorba Linda, and Newport Beach, CA.

The doctors at UCI Plastic Surgery are leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery. Through their teaching and lecturing roles at UCI, they stay current with state-of-the-art techniques and technology. With their advanced technical skills, they consistently produce better, more natural-looking results for their patients.

Eyelid & Browl Lift FAQs

Eyelid surgery addresses excess skin, excess fat, drooping eyelids, and dark circles under the eyes.

Usually there will be a scar on the top lids and one on the lower lids.  On some patients, the scar on the lower lids may  be inside the lid. You have to look very close to see any scars.

We will provide you with preoperative information to follow.

1-2 weeks off work, no heavy exercise for 4-6 weeks, black and blue for 1-2 weeks

3 -6 months to see long-term results

There is a risk, but this usually does not affect the eyelids.

This depends on what is trying to be addressed with the surgery. You will need to speak with us in a consultation to learn more.

The surgery will change the shape and style of the lids, but certain aspects of the lids will not change.

The eyes, like all parts of the body, will continue to change with time.

The laser technique uses a specialized laser to make incisions and excise fat. However, there is no real difference in approach.

The eyes will be swollen with  tearing for a brief time following surgery.

This depends on the extent of surgery and what type of anesthesia was used.

Yes, it could make it worse.

Your surgeon will determine your eyebrow position and whether a brow lift needs to be included in your surgical procedure.

Yes, but your eyes may feel more dry following eyelid surgery.

We will primarily be looking at medical conditions rather than age limits.

Yes, if it affects your visual field.

Yes, but you have to look very closely to see them.

Like any surgery, it carries risks, but no more so than any other cosmetic surgery.

Yes – bleeding, dropping of lower lids, dry eye are potential side effects.

No, but if you are taking medication that thins your blood you will need to stop this 10 days before surgery and wait 2 days after surgery.

You can return to work in a day or so, if you do not mind still having swollen eyes and bruising. Most patients normally wait 1-2 weeks.

You can wear contact lenses once the swelling subsides.

A touch-up can be performed, but the surgeons will wait 3-6 months.

That you understand the nature, risk, and benefits of the procedure.

No, but if you are taking medication that thins your blood, you will need to stop 10 days before surgery and wait 2 days after surgery.

Nothing outside of the usual postoperative medications.