4 Expert Tips! How to Visualize Your Breast Augmentation Without Worry

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For many women, visualizing how they will look with breast implants is one of the most difficult aspects of breast augmentation. It is completely understandable to be intimidated and somewhat unsure of just what implant will ultimately help you achieve your ideal bust line. At UCI Plastic Surgery, it is our goal to ensure that you are confident with your implant of choice as you go forward with your breast augmentation.

Want a Fresh Start For Your Skin? Try DermaSweep™!


Do you ever wish you had a second chance at beautiful skin? Regardless of the products you may have tried, damaged and dull skin still manages to stick around, often leaving you feeling as though flawless skin is impossible. The fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven texture persist no matter what you try.

Moms, Treat Yourselves This Mother’s Day


Life can become incredibly busy after becoming a mother. Screaming kids, a hectic schedule, errands that need to be run, the list goes on and on. Many women often struggle to get back their pre-baby bodies and may come to simply accept the changes pregnancy and childbirth despite how they may feel. Sagging skin, deflated breasts, and stubborn fat are frustrating, but for many mothers it could feel like it’s just something they must live (read more)

Botox® Is Just as Popular as Ever

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Once again, Botox injections are the most popular form of nonsurgical enhancement. According to statistics recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), well over seven million botulinum toxin treatments were performed in 2016—a four percent increase in just the past year. Far more astounding however, is the jump in the past 16 years. Since 2000, Botox has seen a 797 percent increase.

3 Can’t Miss Facts About a Brazilian Butt Lift

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It would seem the backside has it. According to The American Society of Plastic Surgery’s yearly statistics, all forms of buttock enhancement continue to skyrocket in popularity. The Brazilian Butt Lift, which augments the buttock through fat grafting, saw a one year increase of 28 percent. Likewise, traditional butt lift surgery using an implant, saw a 36 percent increase over 2014. Highlighting the growing trend for a more bodacious backside, the buttock lift has seen (read more)