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Chemical Peel

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Skin Exfoliation in Costa Mesa

A chemical peel is an application performed in your plastic surgeon’s office that removes damaged surface skin to reveal fresh skin cells beneath.

Reasons to Choose a Chemical Peel

In Costa Mesa, patients choose chemical peels to treat many types of superficial skin conditions that can be bothersome and that make your skin look aged or unhealthy. Chemical peels can be used to improve the health and appearance of the skin on your face, neck, chest and hands. More than one million chemical peels were performed in 2010 to treat skin issues such as:

  • Rough or dry skin
  • Dull complexion
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Blemishes

Dr. Leis – UCI plastic surgeon is performing a peel on Dr. Evans UCI plastic surgeon

In your consultation, your plastic surgeon will carefully examine your skin and determine the best type of chemical peel to combat your unique skin needs. Chemical peels available at UCI Plastic Surgery are Jessner, Lactic/TCA, or salicylic acid. If you have questions about the components or the benefits of a particular chemical peel, please visit one of our offices in Orange, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Newport, and Yorba Linda, CA.

FAQ About a Chemical Peel

The team at UCI Plastic Surgery often administers chemical peels to treat a range of skin conditions. They have provided answers below to some of the most common questions they are frequently asked about chemical peel treatments.

Before your treatment, the skin at the treatment site will be carefully cleansed. Your practitioner will then apply an even layer of the chemical peel solution. This solution will work on the outer layers of your skin for about fifteen minutes. After this time, your skin will again be cleansed. The treatment is comfortable for most patients. Often, patients say the chemical peel produces a tingling feeling on the skin. Those with sensitive skin may note a slight stinging, but this will subside as your skin adjusts to the solution.

After your chemical peel treatment, your skin will begin to flake as old, damaged skin cells are removed and new skin cells emerge. This is a natural response to the chemical peel. For most light chemical peels, no ointments are required, but if you undergo a deep peel, your practitioner may apply a protective solution.

You should be able to resume your regular routine immediately following your chemical peel, but you should wear an SPF to protect your skin from the sun. It will be more sensitive to the sun’s rays than prior to your treatment.

As chemical peels can vary in their components and strength, it is important to go to practitioners who understand how skin behaves and how best to treat specific skin conditions. The team at UCI Plastic Surgery is well-trained in skincare and can administer a chemical peel that targets your specific needs safely and effectively.

Aside from the expected flaking of your skin after a chemical peel, no other side effects are common. In some cases, however, patients may experience a slight redness or pink hue of their skin. This is temporary, however.

Schedule a Consultation

To find out more about treating bothersome skin issues with a chemical peel in Southern California, we encourage you to contact our team of Orange County, CA plastic surgeons.