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Did you enjoy your experience with UCI? Please share your input. It would greatly benefit our practice if you could leave a review at our Orange, Costa Mesa, or Tustin location by clicking on the Google Review icon below:

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"Fear, helplessness, devastation all of these words and more describe my emotions upon receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer and so my journey began. The first decision I made was to set a goal. From my primary care physician who began the referral process through all of my testing my surgeon my oncologist and Dr. Evans I have been blessed with the epitome in treatment from the best physicians in the world. My journey was not always easy but by looking up, believing, doubting not and focusing on my goal, my faith helped me stay positive and strong. Although my surgeon removed my cancer it was Dr. Evans who was left to make me feel whole again. He is compassionate, kind, caring above phenomenal but the quality I love the most is he looks you directly in the eyes straight through to your soul listens to your concerns and decides on treatment with you not for you allowing you to feel confident in your future. Dr. Evans has achieved what he has set out to do with my care. His skillful hands have completed me giving me the opportunity to rejoice and be glad in the woman I have become. I also want to say thank you to Sarah who like Dr. Evans looked me in the eyes, listened to my suggestions, gave of herself in creating the designs for my tattoos and even closed the shop to make me feel comfortable while she performed the procedure. I will be forever grateful to each of them and can now say my journey is complete. And yes, I will dance at my granddaughter’s wedding!”

"Very kind and professional staff. Brenda was especially sweet. Dr Evans answered all my questions and took great care and attention. Thank you."
"Dr. Jaffurs was wonderful. He answered all of my questions, was patient, kind, and reassuring."
"Dr. Kobayashi is the most kind, caring, doctor. He is a wonderful person as well as an excellent doctor."
"Dr. Evans and his staff are truly the epitome of doctors. They have empathy and are compassionate and caring. I am blessed to work for UCI and so grateful to see the best doctors for my medical care.”
"Every time I see the doctor it’s a wonderful experience. The office staff, interns and Dr. Kobayashi make me feel like I’m a member of their family. My husband and children feel the same. Best doctor & staff ever!"
"Dr. Evans is a professional with skills, and compassion that has helped me, over the years, to achieve my aesthetic goals after a serious problem resulting from an allergic reaction to collagen."
"This visit definitely restored my hope in finding the care I need for my conditions. I'm excited to return and see the physicians again. It was a great experience. I felt listened to and in no way dismissed. Thank you."
"I love the way Dr. Evans and his staff are always so kind and friendly!"
"I felt like everyone really cared about me in solving my issues - making sure I was properly scheduled for the appropriate follow-up visit and that I understood what was going on."
"I was greeted with smiles,I went in scared but Doctor Pfaff took the time to comfort me to ware I wasn't so anxious, He explained what was going to be done and all. they made me feel very welcomed, answered all my Questions, yes I'd recommend all my family and friends to Dr Miles because he and staff cares."
"Dr. Wang was very polite, friendly professional and thorough all while being understanding and compassionate. We felt completely comfortable and understood upon leaving exactly what his plans could be based on his findings during the procedure. It has been my experience so far, that everyone employed at and within UCI Health are exemplary in customer service and care."
"I really like how Dr. Vyas gives you the best option which doesn't always mean a procedure. He doesn't push into having any work done if it's not the right time or treatment. After his treatment I got an unexpected compliment the same day from a stranger!"

“Dr. Kobayashi is an excellent doctor. He has a friendly positive attitude. It transfers to his interns, nurses, and office staff. He is very knowledgeable and gives me absolutely confidence in my treatment. With all visits to Dr. Kobayashi, the staff is very friendly and engaging. Dr. Kobayashi is very well known outside of the UCI facility, and a very well respected, caring, and excellent surgeon. I can’t say enough about the doctors skill as a surgeon and kindness as a human being. Dr. Kobayashi makes you feel special from the time he walks in and is one of the most positive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was highly recommended by my Gynecologist, and she in turned said that if she were to ever need reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kobayashi would be her first choice.”

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"We really appreciate the help, support & understanding we’ve received from Dr. Jaffurs & his staff. I would highly recommend to friends and family."
"Dr. Kobayashi has my complete confidence and trust. He did surgery for me in 2003 and again in 2014. Both experiences with him were excellent."
“My doctors showed a lot of compassion for me – and concern for my comfort and well-being. For this I am very thankful.”
“Dr. Leis was amazing. Office staff were very supportive and helpful A+++ service.”
“I had a minor surgical procedure and the doctors made the experience as pleasant as it could be."
“Dr. Leis was a very good doctor for a trauma surgery at UCI. Thank you!”
"The MD and staff give me a sense that my surgery is in the best hands and I have peace of mind no anxiety any more."
"Dr. Brock Lanier and Lauren, Solis-Najera both are wonderful and helpful to me every time my visit. Thank you so much to be a great doctor and nurse."
"Dr. Leis is a truly remarkable physician. I was treated with the utmost care and dignity and her obviously expert examination of my hand was thorough. Her explanation of my condition was clear and in no way rushed.:
"Dr. Leis is an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate physician. I always enjoy my visits with her, knowing I am "in good hands." Thank you, Dr. Leis!"
"Lyndsey Bell, Nurse Practioner is always amazing, and I have recommended her to all of my friends and coworkers at UCI. She is definitely a major assess to the Plastics dept."
"Great staff, Lyndsey is amazing. Always friendly, always listen to any issues, or concerns we might have. She is awesome. We love Lyndsey and we love every, other staff there."
"I give Dr. Kobayashi all the credit for my beautiful reconstruction following my mastectomy. The Chief Attendings have been outstanding."
"Dr. Brock Lanier is an exceptional physician, rare to find. Highly professional, knowledgeable, compassionate doctor.Very happy with his care and fortunate to have him as my doctor."
"I can't say the doctor was anything other than exceptional. He was compassionate, knowledgeable and so very helpful. I cannot express how wonderful he was at my appointment. Likewise, the staff was wonderful."
UCI Plastic Surgery Testimonials

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding patient care your team provides! You and the leadership team in Plastics have developed a staff that exhibits warm, caring, professional care that I personally experienced at a time when I was not strong and confident. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I remember sharing with you that I wanted the cancer to just be cut out and I didn’t care what I looked like. But, I truly wanted to look forward to the day when I would care about my appearance. You were so kind and patient with me! You understood and thoroughly answered my questions and put me at ease. Throughout the surgeries, recoveries and numerous office visits, each of your staff members have treated me with great kindness. I witness your careful instruction and demonstration to Residents and the confidence you instill in each of them. They are very lucky to work with you! I may work at UC Irvine but when I enter the physician’s office or hospital, I am no longer staff. I am a vulnerable, worried patient and leave behind my understanding of the system and my network of contacts. The clinic/hospital staff are my resource and I am grateful for you and the team in Aesthetic & Plastics! “Dr. Evans performed plastic surgery to open my eyelids better and raise my eyebrows. I am very pleased with the results. He has been very professional and concerned with my results and I feel very lucky to have found him. Very well skilled & qualified plastic surgeon.”

"Dr.Tang is an excellent program surgeon. I am so pleased with the results. She was always considerate and explained everything before she had do do it. It is a pleasure to have had her as my surgeon."
“I have nothing but great things to say about UCI Medical Center and the staff and quality of care."
"Dr. Vyas is outstanding! His staff is wonderful too. Always a great experience."
"The entire team is great!"
"Dr. Vyas is excellent! The best and most compassionate, patient and skilled surgeon."
"I have to tell you, this is one of the best doctors I've ever had. She takes incredible, good care of me. I'll give her a 10 Stars. I don't know how else to rate out of. The best. Absolutely. Without a doubt."
""Dr. Leis is an angel. She is knowledgeable about the problem and gave lots of information and options. She was kind and truly cared. The staff were all very nice and kind also."
"Dr. Miles Pfaff and his team are incredible. So knowledgeable, kind, and are willing to answer any questions their patients have. Highly recommended! "
"Dr. Amber Leis was so kind, warm, knowledgeable, explained things in a distinct and clear manner and instilled conference. I'm looking forward to having surgery with her as much as anyone could look forward to having surgery, but she was wonderful. Thank you."
"All my previous and current experiences have always exceeded my expectations Dr evans and his staff get 10+ in my review."
"Dr. Eric Wang and his support staff were amazing as always. Takes the time to speak and hear what I have to say. This was my last visit for the procedure Dr. Wang performed. I will refer him to others and I am so happy with the results of the procedure."
"Dr Evans was very accommodating and taking my concerns seriously and explained the options very clearly. Ester and the rest of the staff are also awesome."
"Dr. Lanier took the time to explain in granular detail what would be happening at my surgery and what the healing process would look like. I was absolutely delighted to get this information."
"I have been coming to see Lindsey for cosmetic procedures for a year. I'm very happy with the results & have recommended her to friends. I just hope that when she goes out on maternity leave, UCI will be able to provide someone as confident."
"I was definitely impressed with the professionalism that I was treated with. Never before had everyone treated me so well since I arrived, was very kind to me, I was very friendly with the treatment. My friends and family even asked me how it went and I shared with them how happy I was coming from. You fell in love, I told you about nobody, simply. They all treated me very well, they were very kind. They took the time to explain method Thank you very much God bless you. I wish you. From the heart."
"I am overwhelmed with all the information provided and the staff of Dr. Wang is amazing! Thank you for all you've done in this process. The unknown is frightening but you've made is smooth. Thank you Jesus for this great team."
"Dr. Kobayashi has an amazing presence. I felt so comforted by him and he answered all my questions and informed me of what to expect and my choices."
"I had an excellent experience with Lyndsey Bell, as I do every time I see her. She is an asset to the UCI &. I would recommend her highly, as I would the rest of the staff to any of my friends or family. Thank you."
"NP Lindsay Bell is a great nurse with a heart for her patients. NP Lindsay Bell made me feel valued as a person and she went the extra mile to make sure that my wife and I understood everything about the procedure and was very courteous and professional throughout the whole appointment."
"Yes, I just want to say the staff and Dr. Wang were amazing, very helpful, very informative, and very friendly. I had a very good visit with them and look forward to going back again. Thank you so much and really appreciate the kindness and attention that they gave me. Thank you."