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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Nose Re-Shaping in Orange County

Your nose is the central feature of your face, but it shouldn’t be the center of attention. You want it to blend in with your other features so they harmonize in an attractive way. Until recently, surgical rhinoplasty was the only way to correct the size, shape, or angle of your nose. Today, non-surgical rhinoplasty offers another option. It takes only 15 to 45 minutes to perform and you have no downtime.

To learn more about non-surgical rhinoplasty and our uniquely qualified cosmetic physicians, contact UCI Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation at one of our five locations: in Orange, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Yorba Linda, or Newport Beach, CA.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “liquid nose job,” uses injectable dermal fillers, rather than surgery, to improve the shape of your nose. It’s a simple procedure with no swelling or downtime for recovery and minimal discomfort. It takes just 15 to 45 minutes in our office, and you leave with a reshaped nose that is in balance with your other facial features.

By adding volume above or below a nose hump, the procedure can make your nose look straighter and smaller (even though it is actually a fraction larger). The procedure can also correct a drooping nasal tip and nasal asymmetry.

Why Might I Consider Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

If you’re self-conscious about the shape of your nose – perhaps because of a bump or hump, or the form of your nose’s tip – but aren’t ready to consider nose-reshaping surgery, the temporary improvement from non-surgical rhinoplasty might be just what you’re looking for. Getting dermal fillers injected is far less invasive and disruptive to your life than having surgery. The procedure is fast and you’ll have no downtime after. You walk out of our office and resume your normal activities.

Non-surgical nose reshaping can:

  • Smooth a small to moderate bump on the bridge of your nose to make your nose appear straight.
  • Lift the tip of your nose if it appears droopy.
  • Make the tip of your nose more prominent if it appears weak.
  • Add volume to a low nose bridge.
  • Correct a mildly crooked nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is not a permanent solution, however. If you like the results and want to keep them, you’ll need to repeat the treatment every few months or every couple of years (depending on the filler used and other factors). Or you might approach it as a first step — a trial run — before considering the more permanent improvement of rhinoplasty surgery.

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Because non-surgical rhinoplasty can only add volume, it’s not the solution for a more prominent bump or a nose that is oversized or too thick. If you need to have tissue removed or reshaped, or if you need nose surgery to resolve breathing problems, surgical rhinoplasty may be necessary.

For temporary correction of mild to moderate aesthetic issues, non-surgical rhinoplasty can be an amazingly fast and easy solution.

How Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Work?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses the same types of injectable dermal fillers we rely on to add volume to cheeks and lips. Most of these fillers are gels made with hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in your body that helps tissue retain moisture and bulk. When injected into the deeper layers of your skin, the filler builds the volume of the treated area.

Over time, your body gradually absorbs and processes the filler, gradually diminishing the effect of the treatment. The rate of this processing varies with the filler used and the speed of your metabolism. Results can last anywhere from four months to three years, after which you’ll need a refresher treatment if you want to maintain your new look.

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What Happens During the Procedure?

As with other dermal filler treatments — for the softening of lines and wrinkles on your face, for example — the procedure begins with an application of topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area and minimize any discomfort. Once your nose is fully numb, the doctor injects the filler, using a very fine needle, into the parts of the nose that lack volume. That might be to the bridge of your nose, to fill a depression and camouflage a nasal hump, or it might be to a specific spot on the tip of your nose. Your doctor will carefully plan the placement of the injections and the amount of filler used to sculpt the shape of your nose for an attractive and natural-looking outcome. Most of our patients say the experience is nearly painless.

During the procedure, you’ll be able to look at yourself in a mirror and see the changes in real-time. You can request specific adjustments to get you the results you’re seeking.

When you’ve achieved your ideal nose appearance, you’re free to leave. You can go back to work or resume your normal activities.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

You’ll have no downtime after non-surgical rhinoplasty and no need to rest for healing, as you would with a surgical procedure. You may experience some swelling and redness or bruising around the injection points immediately after the treatment. Any swelling disappears quickly, within the first day or so. Residual redness or bruising can last for a week or two, and you can conceal them with makeup.

Very few special precautions are necessary after your treatment. You can touch your nose, wash your face, and continue your normal skincare routine. We do recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol consumption for the first 24 hours, and that you do not wear heavy glasses for at least a week.

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Schedule a Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out whether non-surgical rhinoplasty may be right for you. We’ll answer your questions and explain the pros and cons of the surgical and non-surgical procedures. We serve the Orange County area with offices in Orange, Costa Mesa, Yorba Linda, Newport Beach and Tustin, CA.

The doctors at UCI Plastic Surgery are leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery. Through their teaching and lecturing roles at UCI, they stay current with state-of-the-art techniques and technology. With their advanced technical skills, they consistently produce better, more natural-looking results for their patients.

Liquid Rhinoplasty FAQs

Liquid rhinoplasty, or a non-surgical nose job, is an aesthetic procedure that uses injectable fillers to enhance your nose contours.

Liquid rhinoplasty does not involve incisions, sutures, or recovery downtime. Since there is no physical restructuring of the nasal bone and cartilage, this procedure does not improve respiratory function.

We perform liquid rhinoplasty by strategically injecting fillers into targeted nasal areas to achieve the desired result, such as filling in depressions, correcting asymmetry, or improving the nasal bridge.

Commonly used fillers for liquid rhinoplasty include hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Restylane or Juvéderm, which have a temporary effect and are easy to adjust if needed.

Liquid rhinoplasty is generally well-tolerated. We can apply topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or bruising after the procedure.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. These may include temporary swelling, bruising, redness, or minor allergic reactions. You can minimize these complications by having your procedure performed by a skilled and experienced injector.

Your body will metabolize the fillers over the next six months to two years, depending on the product used and your metabolism. We recommend periodic touch-ups to maintain your desired results.

Liquid rhinoplasty can minimize the appearance of asymmetries and irregularities, but it may not be the most suitable option for all cases. Consult with a skilled practitioner to determine if liquid rhinoplasty can address specific concerns.

Liquid rhinoplasty is versatile enough to enhance and correct various nose shapes and sizes. Discuss its benefits and limitations with your provider.

Liquid rhinoplasty is strictly a cosmetic procedure and does not address functional issues. Breathing difficulties caused by nasal abnormalities may require traditional surgical rhinoplasty or other medical interventions.