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Will a Breast Lift Reduce My Cup Size?

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If you are considering a breast lift to restore perkier, firmer breasts, or to reduce breast sagging, you may have heard that the procedure will reduce the size of your bust, ultimately causing you to change your bra size. Generally speaking, yes, you may need to wear a smaller cup size, but not necessarily because your breasts are smaller. In fact, some women need to size up after a breast lift. It simply depends on the individual. When achieving a new breast shape and contour, you may likely require a new bra fit.

Typically, a breast lift (medically referred to as mastopexy) reduces bra size by one cup. However, this is usually not the result of volume loss. When excess skin and sagging breast tissue are removed or repositioned, cup sizes are naturally reduced. For many women, this is a good thing. In fact, it may even eliminate reliance on uncomfortable underwire.

Depending on your unique goals and customized procedure, you may elect to complement your breast lift with breast augmentation. In this combined approach, the elimination of stretched tissue is conducted alongside the placement of breast implants to add volume and create the desired outcome.

During your initial consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, your goals will be discussed and your options will be explained.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

The best way to find out if a breast lift is right for you is to meet personally with a knowledgeable breast surgeon at UCI Plastic Surgery. During your one-on-one consult, you’ll learn what you can expect from surgery and how your breasts will look after your procedure.

Generally speaking, you may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if:

  • You’re in good overall health
  • You do not smoke, or are willing to quit before your surgery and throughout your recovery
  • Your breasts have loose, inelastic skin
  • Your nipples point downward or sag
  • Your breasts appear elongated or droopy

Schedule Your Breast Lift Consultation Today

To learn more about breast lifts and your candidacy for the procedure, contact UCI Plastic Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation. Please call 714-456-3077 to schedule a consult at our Orange or Tustin location, or call 949-999-2411 for a consultation at our Costa Mesa location.