Nip-Tuck Holiday? Not Worth the Risk.


A growing, and dangerous trend—more and more, men and women are venturing to foreign countries to undergo plastic surgery. Coupled with low pricing, the allure of a trip abroad is tempting to many. As the popularity of plastic surgery continues to rise, medical tourism—aptly garnered a nip-tuck holiday—has become more commonplace. However, as board certified plastic surgeons, our team of surgeons emphasizes that while inexpensive vacation packages may be appealing, there are inherent risks. “All (read more)

Do Breast Implants Affect Breast Cancer Detection?

PCPS-Breast blog Oct.

October marks breast cancer awareness month. As more and more attention is devoted to the importance of early detection, our patients at Pacific Coast Plastic Surgery are increasingly inquiring as to what effect breast augmentation has on breast cancer detection. While smart to be concerned, there is little evidence to suggest that breast augmentation and implants hinder the detection of breast cancer. That said, it is wise to understand how detection differs with implants.

Helping Patients Learn More through Education

Starting this past summer, we came together as a community and held a series of events. Hoping to educate our attendees, each event focused on a specific topic and was presented by one of our expert physicians. Those in attendance had a great time understanding the truth and misconceptions surrounding each of the topics. Patients also enjoyed getting some one-on-one time with our doctors and being able to try our latest skincare products sampled in (read more)

Chin Up! How Chin Implants Can Give You a Stronger Facial Balance

In its essence, balance is the arrangement of elements so that no one part overpowers another. In this, balance is key to a beautiful and visually appealing. The chin plays a surprisingly large part in the harmony of our facial features.

Enhance Your Look with Nose Surgery

If you are ready for a cosmetic makeover and have always been self-conscious about your nose, talk to us about the benefits of nose surgery. Nose reshaping surgery, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, can transform your look even with a subtle modification. We can reshape and resize the nose to restore facial symmetry and give you a more attractive facial profile. If you want to look and feel your best, consider the benefits of rhinoplasty to (read more)