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Breast Augmentation after Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a woman’s breasts. Further pregnancies may alter their appearance even more. As a result, some women choose to do something about the deflated or sagging appearance of their bust in the years following pregnancy.

Before scheduling an appointment for breast augmentation after pregnancy, there some things that should be taken into account:

  • Allow at least 1 year to pass after giving birth and stopping breastfeeding prior to assessing the look of the breasts. They’ll need time to stabilize.
  • Consider waiting until you aren’t planning for any more children. Every pregnancy affects the appearance of the breasts, thus your results would be changed by another pregnancy.
  • It is usually weight gain and loss, and not the breastfeeding, that makes the breasts sag. That being said, breasts do not usually start to gain their regular form back until after the child has started weaning, thus right after you have quit breastfeeding, your breasts won’t have recovered their original shape at all.

You aren’t alone. Almost every woman who has been pregnant experiences deflated or sagging breasts. Talk to our experienced, caring team to learn more about your rejuvenation options.

Breast Procedures after Pregnancy

If you are thinking about rejuvenating your physique in the years following pregnancy, one of these breast procedures may be a good match:

  1. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with saline or silicone breast implants increases breast size while improving overall breast appearance. Breast implants alone cannot address moderate to severe sagging, which is treatable with a lift (which we discuss in the next section).

Breast augmentation is tailored to the size and the look that you want. Many women feel a renewed sense of confidence after having their breasts enlarged. You can feel confident in a wide range of clothing and even in a bikini!

  1. Breast Lift

For women with deflated, elongated breasts, and fallen nipples with stretched areolas, a breast lift may be the right choice. This procedure removes excess breast skin and re-shapes the breasts to be firmer and higher on the chest. There are no implants involved, unless you decide to combine the procedure with augmentation, which we discuss below. While the breast lift does a great job of eliminating sagginess, it does not make your breasts larger. In fact, some women find they need to go down a cup size or two after breast lift surgery because they no longer have all that excess skin to contain.

  1. Breast Lift and Implants

A lift with implants provides the best of both procedures. While sagging will be eliminated and the breasts will be firmer overall, this combined procedure also increases size. It is perfect for women who want to reduce droop while enjoying a larger bust overall.

Find Out Which Breast Surgery is Right for You

The experienced plastic surgeons at UCI Plastic Surgery tailor their recommendations to your goals. We have heard from many women who want to rejuvenate their breasts and bodies following the changes caused by pregnancy and child-raising. If you feel like you want to lift, enlarge or otherwise enhance your breasts, we can help you choose a cosmetic procedure.

The first step is to arrange a consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgeons. To arrange a consultation, please call UCI Plastic Surgery at 714-456-3077. We proudly provide care for patients from across southern California, including Orange, Costa Mesa and Tustin.