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How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with very high patient-satisfaction ratings. It’s also one of the most customizable plastic surgeries that offers implant size, type, shape, and placement options. How should you make those choices to get the best results? And what can you do before and after your surgery to...Read More

Achieve a Balanced Silhouette with a Breast Reduction Procedure in Orange County

Many women with very large breasts find it difficult to find clothing that fits them properly and may feel that their figure is out of proportion. If you want to achieve a balanced look, talk to us about getting a breast reduction procedure. This procedure could be just what you need to reduce the pain,...Read More

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

If you start to develop feminine-looking breasts and are very self-conscious about your appearance, talk to an experienced plastic surgeon at UCI Plastic Surgery about the benefits of male breast reduction surgery. A male breast reduction procedure can restore your self-confidence and make you feel that much more comfortable without a shirt. The procedure involves...Read More

4 Expert Tips! How to Visualize Your Breast Augmentation Without Worry

For many women, visualizing how they will look with breast implants is one of the most difficult aspects of breast augmentation. It is completely understandable to be intimidated and somewhat unsure of just what implant will ultimately help you achieve your ideal bust line. At UCI Plastic Surgery, it is our goal to ensure that you are...Read More

Breast Augmentation: The Month After

Here’s something to think about: Just because you’ve made it through your breast augmentation surgery doesn’t mean that the procedure is complete. While the operation itself may only take a day, it may take months for your breasts to heal fully and for the implants to form the look that you desire.Waiting and being patient can be...Read More

3 Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you probably have a million questions. How long is the procedure? How much will it cost? When can I get back to work? Here’s what you’ll want to know before undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. Choosing the Right Implant Breast augmentation isn’t just about upgrading your breast size; it’s about upgrading...Read More