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Chin Up! How Chin Implants Can Give You a Stronger Facial Balance

In its essence, balance is the arrangement of elements so that no one part overpowers another. In this, balance is key to a beautiful and visually appealing. The chin plays a surprisingly large part in the harmony of our facial features.

At UCI Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of a well-defined and harmonious chin. With the help of chin implants, our team of highly experienced doctors will create a proportionate and prominent chin. By enhancing or augmenting your natural physical structure, chin implants are an excellent way to shape and sculpt your chin—renewing and creating balance between your facial features.

Predetermined by genetics, we have no control over our facial structure. What’s more, as we age, our facial structure and shape changes. Unfortunately, over time, even the most defined chins loose definition—both skin laxity and weight gain being common culprits. Bone loss is also inevitable as one ages.

Aesthetically, an ideal chin is oval in shape, extending directly from under the lower lip’s projection.

Is your chin proportionate? You can easily measure the projection of your chin: drawing a vertical line from the center of your lower lip down towards your chin, your chin should touch or come close to touching the line. For women, the chin is often a few millimeters behind the line, whereas for men, the chin can extend a millimeter or two past the vertical line. For both sexes, a weak chin is characterized by being recessed or, significantly short of reaching the vertical line you just imagined.

Bringing balance to all facial features, your chin has an astounding effect on the perceived balance of your face. As the chin, nose, and lips are close together, correcting one can help correct them all. Often, patients are surprised to learn that they can better benefit from chin implants than they could a nose job (rhinoplasty). A properly proportionate and even chin can make your nose appear smaller or larger and better placed in relation to your facial balance. Likewise, as the chin and lips are placed closely together, correcting the chin can actually make your lips look better. An unbalanced chin can even make your neck appear larger.

As a relatively minor procedure, implants are placed over the bone through a small incision. To ensure discretion, we are able to avoid visible scarring by placing the incision discreetly under the chin. Implants are shaped and fit prior to insertion. An outpatient procedure, most patients find that they can return to work and other activities within a week of surgery.

Your chin plays an important part in your overall aesthetic beauty. Whether your chin is naturally weak or weak has lost definition over the years—chin implants can help shape and contour your overall facial structure. Interested? Schedule a consultation at UCI Plastic Surgery to learn how chin implants can renew and strengthen your look.