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How to Correct Drooping or Damaged Earlobes

Ears are an underappreciated feature to providing balance and symmetry to your face. For those who have overstretched earlobes—due to heavy jewelry, gauges, etc.—that harmony often is broken. Attempts at covering up the ears become a daily chore for many with damaged earlobes. Our team at UCI understands that this often overlooked area of the body can cause real self-esteem problems. This is why we taking the time today to give a little bit more information on why some ears sag or stretch and how earlobe repair surgery might help you gain your confidence back.

Why Are My Earlobes Sagging?

Earlobes can be damaged or stretched for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you enjoyed wearing gauge earrings or other heavy jewelry that over time stretched your earlobes. For many, aging impacts the ears and will result in sagging earlobes. Some people have had damage to their earlobes from other injuries. Regardless of the cause of earlobe damage, the results of stretching can have a serious impact on a person’s body image.

How Can I Restore My Ears?

Whether your ears are ripped, torn, stretched, sagging, or damaged, our doctors are ready to help you achieve that symmetry and balance once again. At UCI Plastic Surgery, our team is prepared to help people with damaged earlobes by offering earlobe repair surgery, and you might be surprised how simple it is.

When you come into our Orange, Costa Mesa, or Tustin office the day of the procedure, your plastic surgeon will clean, numb, and repair your earlobes within an hour. Your incisions will be closed with sutures, which may be removed in a timeframe of two weeks. Many people are especially surprised to find out that they may get their ears pierced again after their ears fully heal!

Is Earlobe Surgery Worth It?

We understand that with any cosmetic procedure, your decision is a very personal one. Our team at UCI Plastic Surgery tries to help make the process for you be as simplistic as possible, while also offering a skilled service given by knowledgeable plastic surgeons, so you are satisfied with the process and your beautiful results. If you are curious and want to learn more about earlobe repair surgery, schedule your initial consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons at UCI Plastic Surgery.