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How to Plan Your Breast Augmentation In Time For Beach Season

With summer just around the corner, you may be interested in pursuing breast augmentation to get your body ready for beach season. By working with expert plastic surgeons and doctors at UCI Plastic Surgery, you can plan your breast augmentation in time for your beach vacation responsibly. You’ll plan your surgery with enough time to heal so you can enjoy yourself on your vacation and feel confident in your results.

The experts at UCI Plastic Surgery are located in Orange, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, and Tustin, CA. Contact one of the office locations to book your consultation and start planning your breast augmentation.

Every patient is unique, and recovery time may differ from one person to another. In any case, if you are smart with your timing, you can recover from your breast augmentation procedure and enjoy your beach vacation! With the help of leading experts in cosmetic procedures, you’ll work together to determine your goals and expectations for results and develop an aftercare plan post-surgery.

In the interim, here’s more info on how to go about preparing for beach season and breast augmentation surgery in the most effective way possible!

Schedule Surgery A Month or More Before Vacation

The ideal time to pursue breast augmentation is one month before your summer vacation to have a month to heal before you venture out! Many women pursue breast augmentation to feel better about their appearance while wearing bathing suits. The desired results take time, so giving your body time to recover is essential to restoring your confidence in a bathing suit. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to recuperate following surgery. Understand that some swelling or bruising may occur.

No Swimming During Your Healing Period

 It is recommended to wait at least a month following breast augmentation surgery before stepping into bodies of water like pools, oceans, etc. Your body needs time to heal and recover from surgery, and this includes giving your implants time to settle. As you heal, your implants may sit higher on the chest than they ultimately will, which can make it unsafe to swim and can interfere with results. Make sure you give your body at least one month to heal before your beach vacation.

Stay Out of the Sun for One Week

Exposure to UV rays can make your surgery scars darker, and heat can increase the inflammation and swelling you may already be experiencing after surgery. Stay indoors until you’re healed. You’ll also want to avoid sun exposure for one week and wear sunscreen outdoors. Make sure that you avoid tanning at all costs! This includes natural tanning and tanning beds. Stick to self-tanners to protect your skin.

Achieve Your Dream Body with Breast Augmentation

Get one step closer to the beach-bod you’re dreaming of by planning your breast augmentation surgery with the team at UCI Plastic Surgery. Get in touch today by calling (714)-456-3077