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As My Face Ages, Do I Need a Facelift?

As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity—loosening and sagging under the force of gravity. Those changes tend to be most visible in our faces, which also develop wrinkles and deepening lines and creases. It’s a natural process, but it’s also understandable to want to slow it down and make the effects less noticeable and...Read More

Enhance and Rejuvenate Your Look with Facial Implants

Sunken cheeks and hollowed areas around the face can make you look much older than your real age. Whether this occurs because of genetics or the natural aging process, consider the benefits of facial implants to restore a youthful look and refine contours in just the right places. Collagen injections, laser resurfacing, and injectable fillers are some...Read More

Enhance Your Look for the Holiday Season with Cheek Augmentation

One of the signs of youth is full, plump cheeks, but many people lose the fullness in their face as they get older. If you are noticing your face has a gaunt appearance, or your cheeks appear sunken in, talk to us about the benefits of a cheek augmentation procedure. This facial surgery procedure can...Read More

Revive Your Look for the New Year with a Facelift

Are you tired of trying to cover up those signs of aging or worrying about loose and sagging skin? If the side effects of aging are starting to become more noticeable, you may be a good candidate for facelift surgery. A facelift can be very effective for tightening loose skin and erasing many of those...Read More

3 Reasons Why It’s Smart to Get a Neck Lift with Your Facelift

That’s usually the case when it comes to having your neck lifted. Waiting may not be the recommended option if you’re already going to have a facelift. Oftentimes, your plastic surgeon will advise that you have both procedures at once. In most instances, postponing your neck procedure until after your facelift is unnecessary and just...Read More

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Implants?

With so many cosmetic enhancement options on the market, it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different products, procedures, and techniques out there. Do you opt for a facelift? Or will a filler like Botox® or Juvéderm® do the trick? Maybe you’ve tried a few different approaches, but they just haven’t given you the results...Read More