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Customize Your Breast Augmentation with Size, Shape, and Profile

If you’ve made the decision that you want to enhance your figure with breast implants, the next step is to decide how you want your breasts to look. Breast augmentation customization goes well beyond choosing between saline and silicone implants, to include size, shape, and profile considerations.

At UCI Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons always put safety first. They will advise you on what your frame and body tissue can accommodate and will work with you to find the best way to achieve your desired appearance.

Breast Implant Sizing

Breast implants are measured by volume, not by cup size. Options start at about 100 cubic centimeters and can be 800cc or more. Your body type, breast tissue, and lifestyle can factor in to implant sizing, along with your personal taste. Consider:

  • Viewing our before and after Photos of patients with your body type allow you to see what sizes you think look best.
  • Trying different sizers at our office.
  • Making homemade sizers to replicate the sizes you are considering. For instance, if you are considering 300cc implants, fill two plastic bags with 300ml of water each. Seal them, and place them inside a bra that can accommodate them. You can then try on various outfits and get opinions from loved ones.
  • Your comfortability with the extra attention that larger breasts can attract. If you are shy, you may want to choose a more conservative size.
  • Taking into account your favorite sports and activities. Larger breasts can interfere with some sports.

Breast Implant Shapes

You can choose between round and teardrop-shaped implants. Each can provide beautiful, natural-looking results.

Round Implants

  • Provide equal fullness at the top and bottom
  • Preferred by women who want considerable cleavage
  • No visible change to your appearance if they rotate
  • Available in saline or silicone

Teardrop Implants

  • Fullness is concentrated at the bottom
  • Some women find the contour more closely mimics natural breasts
  • Will require surgical repositioning if they rotate
  • Available in silicone only

Breast Implant Profile

Profile refers to the way the implant projects from the chest due to the width of the implant base. Your chest measurements and your aesthetic preference will be considered by our surgeons when determining the best option for you.

  • Low profile – are flatter in appearance due to a wider base and may be required to achieve a natural look for women with wider chests.
  • Moderate profile – offer more projection than low profile versions and are often a good option for women with a smaller chest.
  • High profile – significant projection and a full appearance due to a narrow base. High profile implants may not yield natural-looking results on women with wider chests but can work well for women with narrow chests.

Contact us for a Breast Augmentation Consultation in Orange County

Our surgeons are experienced and can walk you through the decision making process with your safety and goals in mind. A consultation is the perfect time to ask questions about breast augmentation and the many implant options. Call us today to start your journey to an enhanced you!

We have locations in Tustin, Costa Mesa, and Orange. For our Orange and Tustin locations, call 714-456-3077. For Costa Mesa, call 949-999-2411.