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Three Types of Peels to Try this Fall

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Our skin takes a beating during the hot, summer California days. Whether you have noticed your skin is looking a little dull or specific imperfections have found their way to the skin’s surface, our team at the Medical Skincare Clinic at UCI Plastic Surgery has a peel that is right for you. We even have a pumpkin peel for all of those who can’t get enough of this fall season!  Continue reading “Three Types of Peels to Try this Fall” »

Why Fall Is a Great Time for Laser Treatments at UCI Plastic Surgery


As all of Southern California prepares for fall, many of our clients are looking for ways to rejuvenate their skin and begin this new season with a fresh start. Our team at UCI Plastic Surgery believes that fall is a great time to pursue these beauty goals, especially with minimally invasive laser treatments. Most people have finished their summer vacations, weekend BBQs, and long days at the beach and are now looking for a way to continue feeling beautiful as they look ahead to the holiday season. Laser treatments can help effectively help you achieve these goals with simplistic procedures, minimal downtime, and exciting results.  Continue reading “Why Fall Is a Great Time for Laser Treatments at UCI Plastic Surgery” »

How to Correct Drooping or Damaged Earlobes

UCI_earlobe_augustEars are an underappreciated feature to providing balance and symmetry to your face. For those who have overstretched earlobes—due to heavy jewelry, gauges, etc.—that harmony often is broken. Attempts at covering up the ears become a daily chore for many with damaged earlobes. Our team at UCI understands that this often overlooked area of the body can cause real self-esteem problems. This is why we taking the time today to give a little bit more information on why some ears sag or stretch and how earlobe repair surgery might help you gain your confidence back.

Continue reading “How to Correct Drooping or Damaged Earlobes” »

First annual “Cleft and Craniofacial Family Celebration”

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Every year, thousands of children are born with congenital malformations of the lip, nose, gums, palate, jaws, orbits, eyelids, ears, and skull. These often require multiple surgical procedures and care from a multidisciplinary team that includes Plastic (craniofacial) surgeons, geneticists, ENT surgeons, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, intensive care physicians, pediatric trained anesthesiologists, dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, speech therapists, audiologists, nutritionists, psychologists, and social workers. Dry. Raj Vyas and Dan Jaffurs of UCI partner with Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC) to help lead this multidisciplinary team of specialists in caring for these complex children.

The face has many critically important functions, including breathing, speaking, swallowing, hearing, and seeing. It is our primary means of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Also, the bones of the face protect the eyes and brain from injury in trauma and their proper growth is critical for normal neurosensory development.July is cleft and craniofacial awareness month. This year, we held our first annual “Cleft and Craniofacial Family Celebration” with CHOC Children’s Hospital at the Santa Ana Zoo. Our children were able to enjoy a fun summer day with animals, crafts, and delicious food (courtesy of our generous sponsors), and parents were able to meet one another, share experiences/advice, and laugh and cry together. Three very special children, age 6 to 21, shared their stories of being born with complex craniofacial anomalies and how they were able to overcome the challenges they faced and continue to face. There wasn’t a dry eye left.