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Botox®: Your Secret to Looking Great in Holiday Photos

From enjoying seasonal treats to wearing themed sweaters, the holidays bring many opportunities for you to rejoice in this time of the year. But as you get ready for your holiday parties and annual photos, you may also want to look your best to your family and friends. At UCI Plastic Surgery, our highly qualified...Read More

How Laser Treatments Can Turn Back Time

  It doesn’t seem fair that the aging process shows so visibly in our faces, but for many of us, it does. Wrinkles and lines, rough skin, and areas of discoloration are all right there for the world to see. Who doesn’t want to turn back time when looking in the mirror? Luckily, there’s a...Read More

Guide to Choosing the Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures for You

This winter season, treat yourself — or invite someone special to treat you — to the gift of facial rejuvenation. Here’s a guide to the best treatments and procedures to consider. Non-Surgical Options Botox® and Dysport® injections soften the lines and creases that are formed by repeated facial expressions. Smiling, frowning, and squinting can result...Read More

Does Fat Freezing Work? Let’s Find Out!

Fat freezing is a non-invasive way to trim diet- and exercise-resistant bulges of fat without the need for surgery. In 2010, the FDA approved CoolSculpting® as a targeted fat-reduction method, and it remains the only FDA-approved fat-freezing treatment. It is booming in popularity as more and more people discover its long-lasting body-contouring benefits. Does fat...Read More

Can I Have a Facelift and Laser Resurfacing at the Same Time?

In order to achieve flawless skin that helps you feel rejuvenated from within, you need to turn towards multiple targeted skin treatments. For example, to get rid of wrinkles, you can get a facelift; to bid farewell to damaged skin, you can undergo laser skin resurfacing. While a facelift can help you by extensively restructuring...Read More

Is Facial Fat Grafting Better Than Dermal Fillers?

If you would like to achieve facial fullness and dimmish the appearance of fine lines, facial fat grafting and dermal fillers are necessary procedures to consider. Equally as essential is finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform these procedures. Put your cosmetic goals in the hands of UCI Plastic Surgery, a top plastic surgery center...Read More