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Botox®: Your Secret to Looking Great in Holiday Photos

From enjoying seasonal treats to wearing themed sweaters, the holidays bring many opportunities for you to rejoice in this time of the year. But as you get ready for your holiday parties and annual photos, you may also want to look your best to your family and friends. At UCI Plastic Surgery, our highly qualified...Read More

Why Botox® is So Popular

It was 15 years ago this past April that onabotulinum toxin A was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic use. Back then it was only okayed for fighting frown lines—the vertical creases between the eyebrows that appear after lifelong use of the surrounding muscles. Then came crow’s feet, but now...Read More

Answers to Common Questions About Botox®

Ever since it was approved for cosmetic use in the United States, Botox has become the most popular anti-aging cosmetic treatment for both men and women. In fact, in 2017, botulinum toxin type A, which Botox is derived from, was injected over 7 million times. That’s good for a two percent increase over the previous...Read More

Busted! 5 Botox® Myths Debunked

Botox® sure does get a lot of attention—and for good reason. Over the years, this incredible injectable has become a household name, thanks to its powerful anti-aging properties. But despite its ubiquity, there are still a lot of myths surrounding this wonder treatment. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to address many of...Read More

When Should I Start Botox® Treatments?

A lot of our cosmetic enhancement patients ask us when Botox® injections are right for them. The truth is, both men and women can benefit from Botox at almost any age. So forget those moderate to severe wrinkles and lines in the brow, crow’s feet, and forehead, and enjoy a fresh and youthful appearance no matter...Read More

Celebrate National BOTOX® Day with UCI Plastic Surgery

National BOTOX® Cosmetic Day is November 20, 2019. UCI Plastic Surgery invites you join the celebration of this non-surgical cosmetic treatment by taking advantage of our BOTOX® Cosmetic special this month. UCI Plastic Surgery’s board-certified plastic surgeons commonly recommend BOTOX® Cosmetic injections for patients who have significant facial wrinkles or furrows but do not want to have...Read More